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Dash Large Placemats S/4

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Inspired by nature, LIGA is a group of people who love eco living.

Our cork is naturally harvested by hand from the Montado Forests in Portugal. This increases the tree's CO2 absorption by 3-5 times more than when the cork bark isn't taken. We only take what the planet is happy to give us, and in return we make beautiful, sustainable things for your home.

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Explore our full range of placemats

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Sustainable materials

We make all of our eco home goods using sustainable or recycled materials. Some of our favourites are cork, organic cotton & recycled plastics. We like to make our eco friendly products as affordable as possible whilst still being good for the planet.

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Our eco products are now available in the US shipped to you directly from our US warehouse with delivery starting from $12.50.

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eco home goods + gifts

Choose from a wide range of beautiful sustainable things including Round Placemats, Dining Table Mats, Large Placemats and Outdoor Placemats, plus a range of Coasters all in a selection of eco materials.

Printed Placemats

Made with organic cork with designs inspired by nature.

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A liga favourite

Beach Clean

Tableware and accessories made with recycled EVA plastics and eco cork, always unique.

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Cork Trays

Eco friendly trays made with organic cork naturally harvested without harming the Cork Oak Tree

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